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A logical approach to Information Technology

Accounting, Estimates and Invoicing

Accounting or Business Management software is a necessity to keep organized without requiring a large amount of time to do so. We set up and maintain Industry Leading software such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, Freshbooks, Square, Clover, RepairShopr, and many others.


Asset Optimization

Many organizations already have the hardware and software they need to run their business but still have issues. We optimize your computing assets™. Workflow is an important part of your technology environment. If hardware or software does not function effectively, it is essentially broken. Learn more about the Computing Asset Triangle™ on our About Us page.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is coming soon — presentations and training that can be counted toward your CPE’s or CEU’s. Most certification authorities will accept continuing education points towards renewing certifications. This is an opportunity to improve your knowledge base without taking certification exams again.

Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management software is crucial for many service-based organizations. The ability to collect customer leads, track customer history and customer communication, and respond in a timely manner doesn’t have to be difficult. We have set up CRM software from many different industry leaders, including Freshdesk, SalesForce, and Zendesk.

Identity Management

Identity Management is the security discipline that ensures the correct individuals are able to access the correct resources at the correct time and for the correct reasons.

This can be set up internally, or with an external authentication source, and integrated with Single Sign-On applications.

Manufacturing and Workshop

Manufacturing environments can be tricky to set up and maintain, especially in dusty industrial environments. Frequent routine cleaning is extremely important to prolonging the use of the equipment. It is important to streamline the workflow for maximum productivity and to make sure that devices are secure, clean, and able to be quickly replaced or repaired in the case of an outage or hardware failure.

Needs Assessment

Business needs change frequently. Whether you have internal IT personnel, contracted IT personnel, or no IT personnel at all, a periodic needs assessment is not only a good idea, it has the potential to save money as well. Technology should be highly adaptable, and should be able to change with the needs of the company. As business and security needs change, Hardware, Software, and Workflow need to be re-evaluated to make sure they are effective and efficient.

Network Design and Troubleshooting

We have completed many network projects including setting up secure Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi networks, connecting network infrastructure between buildings to save on Internet Service Provider costs or share network resources locally, and network troubleshooting. Our network designs are clean, documented, and the cables are well-managed.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a unique approach to security. Essentially, if we can access your computers, servers, and networks and obtain confidential data or privelages, the bad guys can too. This is a good way to test PCI compliance as well as Information Technology best practices.

Phone and Collaboration System Design and Maintenance

Phone and Collaboration systems have a huge impact on business. . VoIP phone systems can be extremely flexible and have more features than normal analog phone lines, for example — SIP Forking; the ability to answer your office phone at your desk or on the go. We have also set up video conferencing systems and other collaboration tools for webinars or education.

Point of Sale Design and Management

A good point of sale system is secure, organized, and easy to use. It is important to use a point of sale solution that interfaces with your accounting system, and is both convenient for customers and employees.

Remote Access

The ability to securely access office resources from outside the office is extremely useful. Whether you’re out of the office on business or are at home, your essential files, printers, and systems can be at your fingertips. This can be done without requiring expensive third-party software.

Server Maintenance and Deployment

If you don’t have the expertise or time to manage your on-premise server and lack the budget for full-time IT personnel, we can help. We deploy and maintain Linux, Unix, and Windows Servers.

We also deploy and maintain offsite “Cloud” servers and have experience with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace.


Supplemental Support

Supplemental support for businesses that already have an in-house team is very important. When there is a service outage, we can reinforce your IT team without the commitment of hiring an additional full-time employee.

This allows your company to save on time and expenses associated with training, health insurance, worker compensation, and payroll tax.

User Training

User training is one of the most forgotten part of Information Security. The easiest way to breach a system is through exploitation of employees through social engineering or accidental negligence. 

A large amount of these attacks are done through email phishing. We have a unique software suite to simulate phishing emails and a way to track which users click on the simulated phishing emails and are in need of additional training.

Web Hosting, Web Design, Email, Social Media and SEO

We offer Ohio-based web hosting and website design services. We host websites and files on servers located in New Albany, Ohio. We also set up business email, manage social media, and do search engine optimization as well as other related tasks.

Whether you just need local web assets, or a global Content Delivery Network, we have experience setting it up and maintaining it.

Is what you're looking for missing from our list?

We do many things that are not on our list of services. If there is something that you need that isn’t listed on our service page, Contact Us to inquire if we offer that service. If it is something we do not do, we can recommend someone who can fulfill your needs.